ITSYS Solutions Provides Quality Web Scraping Services with Customer-Focused Approach



11th September, 2019 – ITSYS Solutions, a software services provider has created a niche for itself by specializing in web data scraping, that it offers as a fully managed service.

The organization was founded on the philosophy that IT is a tool to comp­­­­lement existing business practices and best desired solution can be provided only by understanding the client’s requirement gained through a comprehensive discussion. The technical team, headed by its founder who himself has over 20 years of experience in programming, conducts brainstorming sessions with the clients to identify the exact requirements so as to deliver a solution that is not only cost-effective but can also be used without making changes in existing work processes. The management believes that its success lies in its customer’s success – so, if the customer succeeds ultimately it will succeed.

From its inception in 2007, it focused delivering niche solutions that involved API integration from multiple providers such as hotel / airline search and reservation system for travel agencies, domain search & registration with instant creation of shared hosting, etc. The data required for the ongoing projects was available on the web and in order to fulfill the project requirements, it took to web scraping. With big-data analysis gaining the buzzword and more and more businesses requiring data from the web for various purposes, the management was quick to seize of this opportunity and shifted the focus on development and management of databases by scraping data from the web.

For the uninitiated, Web Scraping is a technique to simulate the behavior of a web site user and capture large amounts of data from the website and store it in a structured manner (as a database, excel, CSV, TSV etc.) for further use. Web scraping is typically used for ‘competitive & pricing intelligence’, ‘retail & distribution chain management’, ‘financial & market research’, ‘sales intelligence’, ‘news & content aggregation’ and ‘compliance & risk management’.  Search engines like Yahoo, Google during their formative years used to scrape data from web to build their databases for search. Google still makes use of bots that crawl websites and track changes to keep its search database current.

Over the years, from being provider of custom IT solutions, the company started focusing on providing web scraping service and has since emerged as one of the best & most cost-efficient fully managed service providers for scraping data from websites / mobile apps. As a managed service, the clients need to specify only the websites from which data is needed, the data points along with the output formats and frequency. The highly experienced team of software developers who cumulatively have more than 25 years of experience in scraping, create scripts that can anonymously and non-intrusively, capture data from the web and deliver it as per specifications. It currently provides its web data scraping service to wide spectrum of businesses such as Tire Distributors & Retailers, Aftermarket Auto Parts Manufacturers and Retailers, Fuel Distributors & Retailers, News & eMedia Monitoring, Travel – Airline, Cruises, Hotels, Cars and Vacation Rentals, Marketplace platform vendors & merchants, etc.


Retail And Distribution Chain Monitoring


Web scraping helps businesses to increase their efficiency in the monitoring of retail and distribution chains. It can be used to extract large amounts of data from websites. The data is extracted and then saved as local files on computers or in databases. Due to this nature of scraping, it is useful for gathering information regarding the retail and distribution chains. Web scraping software can automatically load and extract information from different pages and show it in compiled form for easy understanding. It can greatly simplify the processes involved in gathering information about the proceedings of various chains. Data from various websites can be easily gathered and read. Since there are numerous processes which are related to retail and distribution, it is very hard to keep constant track of all processes continuously and make note of them. Data scraping can also be used for gathering data for studies and analysis regarding consumer details. It can be used to analyse trends and hence, improve the chains.

Moreover, distribution chains may involve a large number of parties and a long process. Often, goods and services travel across the globe and through various means, in which case it is nearly important to maintain constant supervision. Moreover, retailing also has a number of processes under it, and involves continuous study of trends and changes in the market for maximum efficiency. It has been noted that data scraping can reduce the amount of effort on the part of researchers, analysts, and data scientists. Data scraping can also be used to identify all mentions of particular commodities and the specific context in which they have been done. Because feedback is hard to understand and consumer demands and needs are many, it is important to understand consumer demands and supply accordingly.

Regulations and Monitoring

Moreover, with the increase in technology as well as the number of regulations which must be maintained in order to have efficient transport of commodities, collection of data becomes even more important. Management must monitor data related to all the distribution points. It must be collected, cleaned, and correlated to maintain relevance. Then, it can be used to understand trends and markers for positively or negatively impacting the factors. The knowledge which is gained from this analysis is then translated into action to be rapidly used for regional and upper management practices. This can be used for strategic or tactical decisions.

It has been noted that data scraping is also very useful for improving and curating the digital image which is associated with commodities. Due to the amount of data which can be obtained, it is a good method for handling media image as well as for handling any issues which may surface. Other than information about the retail and distribution, information can also be gathered to ensure that it is easy to improve these channels constantly. It also assists in improved communication and ensuring that information is available about all parties which are involved. Finally, it is safe to conclude that data scraping and related technologies are a good method of lessening workloads of various people involved in management and retail handling.