Financial & Market Research


A financial market is a place where trade financial agreements and derivatives such as eventualities and alternatives at low transaction costs. Securities include stocks and bonds, and precious metals.

Types of the financial market:


  • Capital markets
  • Stock markets,
  • Bond markets,
  • Commodity markets,
  • Money markets,
  • Foreign exchange markets and many more.

Whenever the financial market is considered under the research it will always help an organisation to study its own financial position and current trends regard to the financial market. When trends in the financial markets help to stabilize its finance and investment with regards to an industry can be judged which is directly associated with the market research.

Market and Types of market


A market is a place where both the buyer and the seller come together for transactions or trading. There are 5 types of the market as mentioned below:


Perfect Competition: In this type of market there are tremendous numbers of buyers and sellers. Hence this market is full of competition and the alternatives for the buyers.

Monopoly: this market has only one producer for a particular product/good or service. So, the substitution of the product/good/service is not available. Hence pricing of the product is premium pricing.

Oligopoly: Here the market act similar to monopoly. The only difference exists is that some handful of the producers are there in the market. Even the pricing is not done in the same manner as it is done in the monopoly market.

Monopolistic Competition: This market is an amalgamation of two markets namely known as

  • Monopoly market
  • Perfect competition market.

Monophony: Market arrangements are not only distinguished according to the number of suppliers. They also depend on numbers of buyers too. This market is distinguished according to the power of the buyer. Hence this market provides the power of pricing in the hands of the customers/buyers


What is Market Research?


Market research is an analysis of people needs and the current trend of the market. At the end of the research, a report is submitted regards to the research. It helps owner how to grow and what strategies should be used for the operations and possible customer base. This leads a company to shape his own future. That’s the significance of market research.

Types of Market Research


  • Specific Market Research
  • Exploratory Market Research


How data scraping Affect?


DATA scraping is the process of collecting data/ set of instruction from a website to your pc with a help of a local file. It widely also known as the web scraping OR screen scraping. Web scraping is used in digital businesses that depend upon data accumulation. Even it helps to analyze the data and content.


DATA scraping helps you collected the data from the different website which makes you time efficient. It even helps you analyze that data which will not only made you time efficient but also work efficient too. Hence data scraping will always help the management side where the tasks are associated to the data and it analysis.