Media Monitoring for Broadcast Media



Monitoring and scraping for broadcast media refers to pay attention and listen to what the audience has to say regarding one’s brand, the competitors of the concerned company and all the various kinds of topic that is important for the operation and management of a particular company. Broadcast media scraping and monitoring was known as the cut and paste job in the earlier times. Previously the workers of a particular company used to search for acknowledgement and recognition in magazines and newspapers, cut out the column of article written regarding them and used to paste it to a clipboard. However today with the advancement of technology various new-age practices have come into use. Learning about the brand position is done through the help of machines, modern rules and ultramodern processors used for tracking, collecting and arranging recognition from all the spheres of media. Different organisations have their own set of needs and wants regarding the monitoring of the broadcast media which can be categorized into 3 parts:

  • Options that are cost friendly or free of cost
  • Tools for the monitoring of media that requires payment.
  • Premier monitoring solutions.

Reasons as to why Monitoring and Scraping is Important

Monitoring and scraping is really important as it helps the company to know about the whereabouts of one’s competitors and also their position in the market. The reasons for monitoring include:

  • Proper Understanding of the Selected Audience

Clear understanding of the selected audiences makes a person better in relating with them and this leads to the development of better communication between the company and the masses. Proper monitoring of the market makes a person efficient in speaking directly to the audience which is very important.

The monitoring of the brand is as important as the monitoring of media cause it helps in the creation of a plan of a significant reputation management which makes a person dynamic and not just responsive.

  • Risk Mitigation

An organisation cannot protect itself from various risks as it is a part and parcel of any business. However comprehension and reducing the risks that the company can face is the responsibility of several groups of people holding a position in the organisation such as the media monitoring provider.

  • Evaluation of Efforts

Assessment of the efforts of various employees in the company is very important as it help in better understanding of the difference in their expected day to day contribution and their actual contribution in the organisation.

  • Recognizing Influences and Journalists

When a thorough market study is done one comes to know about the potential influences and journalists who can showcase the brand in-front of the masses to increase its popularity and reach out to them.


Though there is a decline in the cable contribution today, television still has a very strong hold over the masses and can be used as an effective tool to persuade their perception. Similarly it’s like destroying one’s own chances of building its reputation among the masses if it takes radio very lightly or even ignores it as it is considered as one of the most highly influential medium in the United Nations which almost reaches about 54% of the audiences daily as a report in 2017. An employee who is good at his work of monitoring media using software would use advanced speech-to-text transcription, so that one can trust that the people wouldn’t miss the priceless quotations.