Media Scraping and monitoring for Broadcast Media




Media scraping is an extremely popular tool used primarily for the extraction of data from various social media sites as wells as blogs and news sites. The most important social media sites that are used for this very purpose are Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat and LinkedIn. These are social media platforms where the majority of the public choose to share most of their private delights and opinions. Through numerous posts of different individuals in the public media scraping which is also known as social media scraping is able to derive data that ultimately aids in revealing and further understanding of various human behaviors, attitudes and habits. This particular information help to determine data about various consumption habit of the publics which helps organizations, individuals, media to understand how their content is being consumed, who are its most enthusiastic consumers and also they can improve their content.

Broadcast media is a group of media focused on producing entertaining as well as political and relevant contents. The success of broadcast media chiefly depends on audience reaction. What the audience thinks and wants influences the work of this group. Broadcast media traditionally includes television and radio but now also includes certain digital media platforms. The broadcast of different kinds of new totally depends on how the audience. For example the evenings are mostly reserved for the relaying of the most topical news and discussions around the world because that is the time when majority of the working population returns home and switches on the television or the radio. It also depends on who is watching what kind of content. Indian television serials mostly portray traditional Indian domestic scenes as housewives and old people are most likely to sit around the television and while away their time watching these contents.

Media scraping is extremely essential for the broadcast Medias.


The different ways in which media scraping monitors for the broadcast media are as follows –


  • The media scraping helps in determining the kind of content the audience is craving. By this the broadcast media is inspired to create content centering those topics. What the audience wants is crucial for the success and effect of the broadcast media.
  • The media scraping helps in assessing how satisfied the audience is with the present content. This aspect is also very important as this helps the broadcast company to understand the quality of content they are producing and how effective and impact they are.
  • Another crucial data that media scraping extracts is what the present content is lacking. This lack helps immensely in the determining of what more needs to be included in the future content.
  • The data also helps in understanding what kind of platform the audience prefers while consuming content – digital or traditional media
  • Media scraping also helps immensely in figuring on which days, at what part of those days a certain kind of content is likely to be consumed. Another crucial data that media scraping reveals is the amount of time the audience devotes to those contents.

The collaboration of media scraping and broadcast media is extremely crucial and critical.