Store locations data list

Stores locations provide Retail Location Planning and Analysis Professionals, Town Planners, Local Government, Retail Consultants, Marketing Professionals etc. to get a strategic view on the number of stores a business chain has nationally, regionally or in particular cities. This information is useful for businesses that are in Retail, Publishing, Mobile & Telecoms, Mapping, Property Consulting, Location Based Services, Media, App Development, News Service, Strategic Planning, etc.

We at ITSYS Solutions can scrape and provide you with the most recent and updated list of stores from any store locator website in a data format as per your requirement. Web scraping in its simplest form is automated collection of information from the web to create a dataset in XML, CSV, TSV, Excel etc for further use and analysis.

Some of the lists that we have scraped from web store locators and provided to our clients in recent past include list of department stores, restaurants, retail chain stores, grocery stores, gas stations, jewelery stores, mobile stores, automotive parts stores, tire stores, large warehouses, bank branches, insurance company branches, ATM locations etc. The details that were scraped and captured included Name/ID, Address, City, State, Zip/Postal Code, Phone, Email, Fax, Store Hours, Facilities/Amenities offered, Latitude, and Longitude.

For your web scraping project, you need to contact us specifying the targeted store locator website, the geographical areas for which data is needed (eg. selected cities or states, or all states and cities in the country) and fields of information. We will write and run the scrapers on our own servers that will with 100% accuracy, reliably, efficiently and anonymously, capture the details for you.