Retail & Distribution Chain Monitoring


Retail and Distribution mean the purchase of goods in moderately small amounts for use or consumption. Retail and Distribution channel provides the pathway to travel from the producers to customers. Distribution channels depend on the number of mediators required to deliver a product or service. Retail and distribution chain monitoring is a fundamental element of the Supply Chain Management. Retail and Distribution chain is one of the important sectors to make rapid growth in the trade. Monitoring Retail and distribution chain help to understand the market, customer needs, and competition. This process of monitoring is done when the product for sale to the usual world. Data is collected and systematized to understand the pattern, trends, and brands and many other impacting factors. Conclusion obtained from the analysis rapidly consumed by regional and upper management to use in their vital and tactical decision to develop and sustain themselves in the market.

The Different Channel Of Retail & Distribution.

  • B2B (BUSINESS TO BUSINESS): This channel is between the business to business. For instance; any company producing mobile need many sensors and components. The deal for this between two companies is a channel for business to business trade.
  • B2C (BUSINESS TO CUSTOMER): channel between the business and the customer is known as B2C. For e.g. any mobile phones used by the customer is sold by the company to the customer/ consumer. Hence it is the channel between Business and customer.
  • B2G (BUSINESS TO GOVERNMENT): Under this channel, the door is open for trading between the government and business. The coal industry is one such example of this channel. B2G channel will give a great development for any country to become stable and developed.

Relation of data scraping with Retail & Distribution Chain Monitoring

Data scraping is always helpful where analysis of data is a need. Web scraping provides direct discernibly of data needed to succeed in the retail aspect. The Retail & Distribution Chain Monitoring by web scraping helps you recognize what’s happening at competitor’s tent and empowers you to equip strategy. This helps for the planning of the next strategy and action plan to execute and play the card of an organisation which will make an emperor strong by its roots. Data scraping helps to get data from multiple website data. When it is collected from the various different website and it will make data comparison efficient and planning of the strategy become more efficient in lesser time. Even data scraping save the time for the collection of the data. Market research is made easy when and multiple portal data will help the data authentication. This will open a big door and even the smaller blocked windows by the instant exploring of the current trending data. Hence it becomes easy to decide the deals of the company with regards to B2B, B2G, or B2C.