Media Scraping and Public Relations


Media scraping or social media scraping is a popular method employed in order to determine various data from social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn. The data is also obtained from blogging sites like WordPress, Blogger, other important new sites and pages like Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica. The obtaining of data is done with the help of few well developed apps. The data that is obtained is extremely crucial for different brands and companies. Through these studies one of the biggest studies on human behavior is conducted. This media scraping helps the organizations to understand what the customer is thinking and what the consumer’s attitude is towards a certain product or a topic.

Public Relations is a growing field within every organization and brand. It is the public relations office that helps in the publicity of the product manufactured by the company. It helps the organization or individual in creating a decent image that would nudge the public toward the organization or individual and their products. It generally uses various strategies in order to establish a friendly communication between the public and organization or individual and maintain that organization or individual’s image positive. It helps in the spreading of information and promotions of the coming up projects and products within the public sphere.


With each day the connection between media scraping and public relations is growing.


The different ways in which media scraping is useful for public relations are as follows –


1.  One of the key functions of the public relations is understanding, interpreting, and analyzing the wants, attitudes and opinions of the masses. The media scraping’s first function too is obtaining data that helps in the meticulous understanding of different human behaviors and attitudes. The data that is extracted reveals what the customer thinks about a certain topic. This information will help the public relation in analyzing the public behavior. Suppose the product is a lavender scented candle. The public relation department by making use of the data obtained by media scraping will be able to understand exactly what percentage of the public is in favor of lavender and how many of them use candles and how many love flowers. Thus the function of the public relation will become much easier.


2.   Media scraping’s data extraction also helps immensely in understanding the market. If a product is being launched then what is its demand in the market. The public relation department is also involved in the promoting of the products through the use of press and writing. By determining the market demand by media scraping the public relations will adequately be able to promote that product in the market.


3.  The above two explained functions are two main functions of the media scraping and public relations. Other functions are that the data helps in making content for the products easier, it also determines the current image of the organization or individual in the market.


For the success of an organization or individual the combined presence of media scraping and public relations is not only significant but absolutely essential and necessary.